Standard Raman Systems

We offer the following single-laser Raman systems:

  • 532 Raman System (532 SRaman)
  • 785 Raman System (785 SRaman)
  • 830 Raman System (830 SRaman)

They all feature an SF18 Spectrograph, a front-illuminated CCD, a 2 meter-long fiber cable of 100/200 mm diameters, and a Raman Probe at a laser wavelength of 532 nm, 785 nm, or 830 nm, respectively. The detector can be upgraded to back illuminated CCD to enhance system sensitivity. Fiber cable can be upgraded to 200 m for remote process monitoring and control.


System Benefits:

  • High throughput, high sensitivity
  • Robust design, no moving parts
  • Flexible sampling options
  • High value to own






All our Raman systems come with SpectraSoft, a powerful yet user-friendly software for system control, data acquisition and data analysis. It features a robust, proprietary Background Removal (BR) procedure that can reliably and reproducibly remove even the most difficult background from any Raman spectra.


SpectraSoft Background Removal Benefits:                        

  • Automatic, complete, robust
  • Retain small peaks
  • Semi-automatic with user-adjustable parameter available
  • Confidence in obtaining background-free spectra


Click here to view or download the Background Removal brochure.


Click here to view or download more applications of the Background Removal procedure on sample Raman spectra.


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We offer one year (1 year) warranty on all our products. Please contact us for any questions and more information about our products and their quotations.