Multiplex Raman Systems

Fiber-coupled Multiplex Raman System (MRaman-532 or MRaman-785) is designed to meet the needs for multi-ports monitoring. With a parallel design, the system provides as many as 4 independent channels for simultaneous Raman measurements at different sampling locations. The Multiplex Raman System features high throughput spectrograph with a deep cooled high performance CCD, narrow bandwidth and frequency stabilized lasers, flexible and convenient fiber optic coupling, and robust design with no moving parts. The laser sources can be 532 nm, 785 nm, 830 nm, or other available laser wavelengths for Raman.


The Multiplex Raman System can be easily configured for remote monitoring/control of any combinations of liquids, solids, and gas sample streams through fiber optics and choices of different sampling probes.


System Benefits:

  • High throughput, high sensitivity
  • Robust design, no moving parts
  • Efficient operation with multiple monitoring spots in one unit
  • Flexible sampling options
  • High value to own


With the SpectraSoft software, user can easily select to make simultaneous or sequential Raman measurements at the different ports. SpectraSoft is a powerful yet user-friendly software for system control, data acquisition and data analysis. It features a robust, proprietary Background Removal (BR) procedure that can reliably and reproducibly remove even the most difficult background from any Raman spectra.


SpectraSoft Background Removal Benefits:                        

  • Automatic, complete, robust
  • Retain small peaks
  • Semi-automatic with user-adjustable parameter available
  • Confidence in obtaining background-free spectra


Click here to view or download the Background Removal brochure.


Click here to view or download more applications of the Background Removal procedure on sample Raman spectra.


The Multiplex Raman System is an ideal tool for on-line monitoring, as well as for R&D in the laboratories. It can also be easily coupled to other instruments or equipment to add Raman measurement capabilities.


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