High Resolution Raman System

The Fiber-based High Resolution Raman System, which incorporates an Acton 750 mm focal length spectrograph and a Princeton Pixis 2KB-eXcelon back-illuminated CCD camera, offers a resolution of < 0.5 cm-1. With its triple grating turret, the system can be interchanged to use with a 532 nm, 632 nm, 785 nm, or other wavelength laser. The fiber coupling to the entrance slit of the spectrograph, together with various Raman sampling options, allows convenience for macro/micro sampling and easy-of-use to switch lasers. It is an ideal tool for laboratories as well as for on-line monitoring.


The High Resolution Raman System comes with SpectraSoft, a powerful yet user-friendly software for system control, data acquisition and data analysis. It features a robust, proprietary Background Removal (BR) procedure that can reliably and reproducibly remove even the most difficult background from any Raman spectra.


SpectraSoft Background Removal Benefits:                        

  • Automatic, complete, robust
  • Retain small peaks
  • Semi-automatic with user-adjustable parameter available
  • Confidence in obtaining background-free spectra


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