Raman Sampling Tools

We offer a series of Raman sampling options: Raman probes, adapters, and signal enhancing accessories for general laboratory use or for industrial monitoring. They all have high collection efficiency, and are optimized for each excitation laser wavelength. The built-in narrow laser bandpass filter and high rejection longpass filter are matched to allow for efficiently passing laser band, eliminating fiber optic background signal while achieving sharp cut at as low wavenumber as possible (< 60 cm-1 for 785 nm excitation). In addition, they come with either FC or SMA connection at the probe (without pigtail fiber cable) for easy and convenient service.


The full line of Raman sampling products listed below provides solutions to different sampling requirements. They are available for all types of lasers (i.e., lasers at different excitation wavelengths) used in Raman spectroscopy.



MProbe – Macro Raman Probe


LWDProbe – long working distance Raman Probe


mProbe – micro Raman Probe



532/785 DProbe – dual Raman Probe for 532nm and 785nm lasers


ImProbe – Immersion Probe for process control/monitoring


In addition to the above standard Raman sampling products, we also offer customized sampling solutions to meet your specific needs. Please send us your special requests.


XYStage – xy translational stage


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We offer one year (1 year) warranty on all our products. Please contact us for any questions and more information about our products and their quotations.